Able survey – build a sustainable future

Able – future companies and business

Able is a survey aimed at identifying how business, companies and employees work to adapt a sustainable future. The survey was recently launched by Responsibility Works.

During the seminar Responsibility Works in 2016, we learned that “sustainability gives companies a competitive advantage”. Among the speakers were Sir Richard Branson, emphasizing the need for increased focus on sustainable measures.

Innovation Norway emphasizes the need for a sustainable change in Norwegian business. The question is not who is sustainable today?  The question is who is prepared to meet a sustainable future?

We want to identify this with the survey “Able – build a sustainable future“.

Now Responsibility Works and Right To Play invite companies, employees, decision-makers, politicians, media and more to participate and contribute to the suvery. All companies and employees have the opportunity to contribute by creating a sustainability survey for your company at Here you choose the sustainability goals the company is working towards, enter your email and continue to the survey.  You can also send it to colleagues in your company.

All responses are collected anonymously and the organizer will return with a report and findings on how business work to achieve a sustainable future.

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